(As A.G. Stewart)
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Loose Changeling (Novel)
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Changeling on the Job (Novella)
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Short Stories

Diabolical Plots
"The Things You Should Have Been"

Mothership Zeta
"The Belly of the Beast"
Available to read free online
Issue 0

Heroic Fantasy Quarterly
"The Reeds of Torin's Field"
Available to read free online
Q24, May 2015

Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show
"A Good Mother"
Issue 44, March/April 2015

Beneath Ceaseless Skies
"The Dreams of Wan Li"
Available to read free online
May 1, 2014

Galaxy's Edge
"It Takes a Special-Special Person"

"In Secrets, Absolution"
Issue 12, January/February 2015

"Honey, Plums, and Cinnamon"
Issue 9, July/August 2014

"The Unchanging Nature of Stones"
Issue 5, November/December 2013
Available to read free online

Daily Science Fiction
"This Doesn't Appear to be the Alien I Paid For"
Available to read free online
March 13, 2014

When the Hero Comes Home 2
"A Spray of Bittersweet"
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Writers of the Future, Volume 29
On Kindle and in Paperback

"Dragon Maiden" On Kindle