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Paying Off a Mortgage in Seven Years

A week ago, on our lunch break, my husband and I rode our bicycles to the bank and wrote a check. The line built up behind us as the teller made phone calls, asked his boss questions, and finally gave us our receipt.

We’d paid off our mortgage, and were now entirely debt-free. Yes, we high-fived.

We bought our house back in 2008, after a lot of searching and some unsuccessful offers. It was frustrating. We ended up offering over $30K above asking on the house we eventually purchased—for just under $300K in total.

Closing on our home was one of the best feelings in the world.

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For Those Women, for My Friends

Mother's Day is coming up again, and amongst all the fanfare, commercials, and my own effusive love for my mother, I'm reminded of my friends for whom this is not a joyous holiday. Some of my friends have wanted to have children, but have been unable to for one reason or another. While some of them went on to eventually become parents, others did not.

This is for those women. You know who you are.

Better Than Dreams

Maya met him when she was twenty-three, stray bits of salt from last night’s tears clinging to her eyelashes, her lips still bruised from the kisses two nights before.

She barely missed stepping on the heels of her boss when the woman stopped. The tower of items in Maya’s arms--binders, reports, two bottles of water--threatened to topple. She took in a deep, slow breath as they settled. The scent of hot asphalt filled the summer air, mingled with the astringent smell of some burned, alien fuel.

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On Beginnings...

I have a guest blog post up on the amazing Alex Shvartsman's blog (oh, you know, writer of a gajillion awesome stories, super-slinger of Magic cards, and editor of the uber-fun UFO series)!  He runs a series entitled "The Hook," where authors write about why they chose the beginning they did, and what they intended to accomplish.

I've written about my urban fantasy, Loose Changeling, which is out today!

Check out the post here.

If you have the chance, mosey on over to the rest of the series, and the rest of the blog. You won't regret it.