Hey all!  Not a fan of third person biographies, so here goes.  I've been writing and painting for as long as I can remember.  The first novel I wrote was in fifth grade, and was a lengthy tale involving a peregrine falcon and a horse searching for a new king. I hope I've improved since then.

I spend my days working as a Budget Analyst for the State of California, and my nights writing and painting.

I write and paint mostly fantasy, though I sometimes dabble in the real world.  Authors that I like the most: Brandon Sanderson, Richard Adams, Haruki Murakami, Melanie Rawn, Garth Nix, Frank Herbert, Brent Weeks, George R.R. Martin, Octavia Butler (<3!), Ursula K. LeGuin, Patricia Briggs, Anne McCaffrey, Peter F. Hamilton, J.K. Rowling, Isaac Asimov, Joe Abercrombie, Jacqueline Carey, Suzanne Collins, and Jim Butcher.

I am a first place winner in The Writers of the Future contest. I'd recommend the contest to all aspiring writers of speculative fiction.  I am represented by Juliet Mushens of Caskie Mushens.  You can follow her on twitter for wise words on publishing and general hilarity.