Andrea G Stewart

Art and Writing

Aerin and Danae, in progress 2

Aerin and Danae Still working on this when I can find the time.  Have to deepen some of the shadows on her face, and I'm not happy with the lumpiness of the mountains on the far right or the tree-line.  Will have to fix it.  But the twins are shaping up to look pretty much how I imagined them.  I should probably do a painting of Leith and Edan as well - half-brothers and the other side of this equation.  Leith is the elder of the two brothers, "fair as a field of marigolds".  Edan is dark and the by-product of his father's adulterous relationship.

Though their backgrounds are complex, their dynamic is relatively simple.  Aerin and Danae have the more nuanced relationship.  Throw the four of them together, and this is where the story begins.