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YOU GUYS, I have an agent!

Like most things in my life, it happened rather awkwardly.  I like to think that perhaps I’m charming-awkward, but I’m fairly certain I fall into the it’s-a-little-embarrassing-to-watch-you category of awkward. In total, I sent out 34 queries.  I had some partial and full requests, but no bites.  And yes, I’m a real slowpoke when it comes to querying.

And then I heard from Laura Lam (author of Pantomime) that her agent, Juliet Mushens, was looking for epic fantasy.  Everything I’d read about Juliet praised her to the high heavens.  I sent off a query + 3 chapters in December and she requested the full manuscript two days later.

In February, I got the email saying that she loved it.

Of course, I proceeded to scan the rest of the email, looking for the words “but” or “unfortunately”.  When I didn’t see them, I finally read the rest.  She wanted to schedule a call to discuss edits and representation, and I stopped in the middle of my breakfast and did this:


We spoke later on that week, and I felt a little star struck and we discussed edits and then we hung up.  And she never said what I considered the magic words (I’m offering you representation!) and I didn’t clarify because I was too nervous.

So I did what I do best.  I bothered my husband.  “What does it all mean?”  And he groaned and rolled his eyes and told me I should have just asked.  Because I have a tendency to get overly optimistic, I decided not to get too excited this time.  It was an R&R.

I preemptively pulled my manuscript from submission to Harper Voyager’s Open Door.  They told me they’d had it marked for consideration, at which point I tore out my remaining lock of hair.

I began ruthless cuts, rewrites, and revisions to the problem areas of my book.

And then this morning, I got an email from Laura saying that Juliet had told her that she’d signed me.

Oh.  So I did what I should have done earlier, and clarified with Juliet.  I am officially represented by Juliet Mushens of The Agency Group!  I’m as happy as a puppy on a trampoline.

YES.  This happy.