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Brain Dead

Last week was one helluva week.  I'm moving into the busy time at my day job, I had house guests, and I was occupied after work with finishing another round of revisions on Lestoor's Chosen.  I've been getting feedback from beta readers, which I've incorporated into the manuscript.  It's always interesting to see what people think.  Some of the criticisms overlapped, so those were no-brainers - fix 'em.  Different people had different things that bothered them, so I used my discretion.  And some criticisms contradicted each other.  I mostly left these things as-is. It is officially out on submission now, so here's hoping!

I usually write intensely every day, but I'm exhausted at the moment.  I suppose a couple days off from novel-writing can't hurt.  I'm very excited about finishing the rough draft of Loose Changeling.  I had to adjust the outline a couple times to fix plot problems, but I think it's solid now.  And I've been cheating and writing little snippets of Windrider.

I'm still working on some short stories.  I have a couple out on submission right now.  Got a personal rejection from the editor of F&SF a few days ago, and I'm hunting for another place to send that one.

I think in 2013 I'm going to move back to my roots and plan out a multiple POV epic fantasy.  Unless, of course, I can sell Lestoor's Chosen and they (the nebulous they) want the other two books.  Though it's a standalone, I've got two more swirling in my head.  Ah well, I can dream, can't I?