Andrea G Stewart

Art and Writing


Well, I haven't finished the rough draft of Loose Changeling yet, though I'm close. I've run into a number of distractions, some good, some bad.

Good?  I have some new revisions I want to make to Lestoor's Chosen, based on beta reader feedback and some of my own analysis.  People seem to like the first third, but have a hard time putting the book down once they get to the last two thirds.  They take a week or two to read the first third, and finish the last two thirds in a couple days.  So...while I'm happy I'm doing something right for the last majority of the book, there's still that pesky third that isn't quite up to par.  I want to make it hard to say "no" to.    So I've been writing notes, jotting down ideas, and re-outlining.  I expect it'll take me a couple weeks of intensive work to implement the changes I'm considering.

I've also been writing short stories.  I'm trying to pick up a couple publication credits before I start sending out my query en masse.  I'm to the point where I've gotten personal rejections from Daily Science Fiction, F&SF, and Clarkesworld, so I think I'm close.  I'll file this distraction under not-a-time-waster.  I also think honing my short story skills is making me a better writer.  Can't waste words when you're writing a short!

And then there's Words With Friends.  Damn you, Words With Friends!  I'm logging on to Facebook less just to avoid the temptation of clicking on it and playing some words.  So fun, and so terribly distracting.

How do you deal with distraction?

I like to go to the coffee shop down the street on weekends, where I can't get an internet connection because they changed the wifi password (and I haven't asked what the new one is).

What I'm reading right now: Thief of Time by Terry Pratchett