Andrea G Stewart

Art and Writing

One Year Later

A year ago, at the beginning of June, I decided that I wanted to be an author.  I mean, I've always wanted to be.  I'd written a completed manuscript in the prior years, and even got a little interest from agents (ended up trunking it).  But this was different.  No more diddling around, no more halfhearted goals.  I wanted to shoot for the moon.  Publication or die trying. A year later, I'm still not published.  But I think I'm a lot closer.

In that time I've: -finished writing the 150K rough draft of Lestoor's Chosen in 3 months -revised Lestoor's Chosen (bringing it down to 140K) -finalized a query letter and synopsis for Lestoor's Chosen -neared completion on the rough draft of Loose Changeling -written multiple short stories, subbed them, and received personal rejections from pro publications -received a full request on Lestoor's Chosen from my dream agency, got rejected, decided to rewrite the first 1/3 -made good headway on rewriting the first 1/3

I fell short on my ultimate goals, but I set the bar so high, I knew that if I got close, I'd still have done something worth being proud of.  I have worked a complex, and at times demanding, full-time job at the same time.  I've traveled.  I've helped my husband maintain our backyard micro-farm.  I still have a social life.  I play a lot fewer video games though, and watch less television.  I don't miss it much (okay, I miss Mass Effect a little).  I mean, if I could do this, so can you, right?  I'm scatterbrained, disorganized, and easily distracted (my husband can attest to this).

I have a good feeling about this next year, June to end of May.  I want to turn those personal rejections into a short story publication.  I want to pick up representation for Lestoor's Chosen.  I want to polish up Loose Changeling and write the rough draft for Windrider.  And then I'm going to dream big.  Really big.  I want to go back to my roots - 3rd person, multiple POV, epic fantasy with intricate, interlacing plots and subplots.  It's percolating right now, so I'll see where I am in a couple years.

Keep dreaming, keep writing, keep trying.  I think success in this business takes a ton of endurance, persistence, and a refusal to give up.

I'll tell you where that gets me in another year ;)